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Vaillant. Energy of the Future

September 23, 2014 AgencyEvent organized a grand opening "Wave Pavilion" at the Museum of them. Schuseva.

When the ribbon is cut, the first visitors enter the world of soul strings and ocean waves.

"Then there was a synthesis of the company's philosophy" Vaillant ", based on the ecology, on the sustainability of resources, architecture and contemporary art," - said the architect "Pavilion wave" Alexey Kozyrev.

Hall appeared in the framework of the project «Vaillant. Energy of the Future. "Not accidentally energy company celebrates 140 years on the market in the Commonwealth of art and high technology.

"Over time, the role of architects in our business will grow. We can use the energy of the sun, wind, water and other sources. And architects will help us to create for this equipment, "- said the president of Vaillant Group Carsten Foygtlender.

"Company" Vaillant "was not only at the beginnings of warm water, but also individual heating, domestic comfort, to introduce a large number of innovations," - said General Director of "Vaylant Group Rus" Maxim Shakhov.

The opening of the pavilion was a wave event in the cultural and architectural life of the capital.

In addition to the grand official opening was also organized VIP cocktail party for sponsors, during which famous singers sang Russian romances.

Media partners of the project:, Tatlin, Archplatforma, Architime, Arhipipl, ArtTube, Russian Radio, Radio Culture.